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When I was 16 I became ill in two chronically and serious rheumatical diseases.  I fought hard for a few years, but I did not win and during that time I soon ended up in a wheelchair. Not until I had lost everything, the love of my life, the strength of my body, my dreams and my identity as "The Strong Young Woman Who Can Achieve Everything", I gave up. And when I gave up, I finally hit the bottom. As you hit the bottom, you find another kind of strength, the strength that comes from within. This strength has got nothing to do with achievement or power, it is instead pure and innocent, true and authentic and it only lets you win when you work with your body and in line with your soul purpose. This path takes time and it demands that you listen within every step on the way and that you are courageous enough to be yourself. But even though the path is never easy, you become free, more authentic, more harmonious and definitely more joyful as you stop taking life so serious. In short, you come in contact with your child within.

Meditation and yoga soon became two tools by which I, as a 19 year old, started to come into closer contact with myself. I learned through yoga to love my body (who of course at first never wanted to obey me, I had to obey and listen to my body's needs instead - an important lesson!). Through lots of soul searching, mindfulness training and other powerful healing techniques, together with my daily yoga and meditation, I healed myself from years of sexual abuse, physical and psychological abuse and reclaimed my ability to feel true joy and happiness. I learned through yoga and meditation, that my body had tried to contact me through physical pain and illness and since I had not listened but punished myself, my body had screamed loud enough to make me hear the message. The path of healing gave me a new life.

Since 1997/1998, I have taught different spiritual and body-mind techniques worldwide to teach people how to regain their zest of life, be who they are and thrive in the process. I love to see my students blossom, find freedom and the childish joy we all have inside of us and the yoga I teach is based on modern science of movement, the biomechanical principles of yoga (21st century yoga), Anusara yoga and it is spiced with lots of laughter and messages of empowerment.


I have worked as an international inspirational speaker, an international certified yoga teacher and councellor/life coach/sex therapist for 20+ years. I have studied more than 15 years at University with several University degrees, focusing on sports and health science, leadership management, anatomy, sexology, HR, religious studies (mindfulness), ethics, social anthropology, accounting and conflict management etc. I am also a certified massage therapist and certified homeopath.


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