One of the most effective ways to learn yoga is through private sessions. During a one-and-one session I have full focus on you, your development, your questions and your intention with your practice in a safe environment. I specialize in hatha yoga alignments, vinyasa flow, therapeutic yoga and meditation. You can choose to book one session as a start for your own home practice, or you can book regular sessions to give your own development a boost and new input. We can focus on special asanas that you want to understand deeper, an overall practice for your wellbeing, deepening and create advancement in your already developed practice or on awakening your consciousness through meditation practices. It is all about you, your dreams, needs and intentions with your practice. I am just a catalyst and guide through your own process.
Private sessions, 90 min: 850 SEK incl VAT
Duo sessions (2 yogis), 90 min: 1 400 SEK incl VAT
3-4 yogis, 90 min: 2 000 SEK incl VAT
5 and more, 90 min: +400 SEK incl VAT p.p
Days available for PT yoga in the studio:
Wednesdays in Gothenburg 3.30pm - 10pm
Saturdays in Kungsbacka 11am - 3pm
Sundays in Kungsbacka 2pm - 4.30pm
 Prices do not include rent 200 SEK for a yoga studio if needed. +30SEK/10km if I travel to you.
(Our insurance
does not cover clients, please make sure you have your own and tell us about injuries, pregnancy and other health conditions).
​Your PT Yoga (non refundable when cancelled less than 48 hrs before your session) will have to be paid in full 2 days before your session. PT session via zoom meeting is always an option if you are unable to attend.
Email or send a message for booking and more information.