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2 DAYS YOGA DETOX RETREAT IN GOTHENBURG WITH JUICE FASTINGMAY 18-19Join our 4 day yoga retreat with juice fasting for a kick-start to your new life. Together we will enjoy 4 days of fasting as we at the same time calm down our nervous system with long meditations, restorative yoga, sound healing and sharings. This is not a retreat with heavy yoga practice. Instead, we are engaging in calm, meditative practice to sink deep into ourselves and thus become more open to what our bodies want to tell us. As we detox, we are closer to our feelings and inner selves. By fasting together, we can encourage each other. After the first few days, you usually feel lighter, calmer, more focused and sometimes much more energized and your feelings of hunger are usually gone.A day looks like this (9am-6pm)You will get a tasty detox tea to start your day at home. Before coming to class, you'll drink 3dl of this.We start our day together at 9 o'clock where we share our first "meal" of juice very slowly. We share our feelings, insights and life together in a safe environment in our small group.After this we lay down for a guided meditation and sound healing session. After this, we drink our detox tea in silence while we engage in a private exercise deepening our self awareness and self understanding.Following the tea, we will engage in more exercises for our personal development. "Lunch" drinks slowly while we meditate for ourselves or write in our journal. After lunch we enjoy a lovely, very relaxing and nice long restorative yoga session. We end our day with meditation and a short sharing. You'll get a vegetarian (instant) and healthy buillon to drink at home during the evening, followed by more detox tea.If you want to continue your fasting more days, we recommend that you buy "Ledins 6-dagars fasta" or similar at your health store.
A workshop that focuses on safe back bends, shoulder openers and hip openers in intermediate practice and gives the biomechanical and kinesiological foundations for a safe practice of each asana. We will also play a bit with some inversions and arm balances, broken down in steps for the curious beginner to the more advanced student.
The different workshops will clarify and deepen your understanding of asana practice as a dynamic experiential learning process. We will explore a range of intermediate level poses and variations, and how to gain access to the particular benefits that each pose offers.
You will learn a variety of props techniques and practices to enhance your yoga skills. These workshops (every workshop below is different) are suitable for yogis who want to safely and systematically evolve their practice further, expand their creative use of props and drills to strengthen and lengthen the structures necessary for the movements and poses.
We will slowly go through the asanas in detail, focusing on the kinesiology and biomechanical fundamentals of each pose, thus reaching the depth of understanding we need to practice safely and evolve our yoga into a healing art.
All levels and ages are more than welcome. If you are under 16, your parent(s) need(s) to approve of your participation and preferably join you as well.
Bring a friend (new student who hasn't tried my classes/workshops before) and you yourself will get a 50% discount on the same workshop.
Venue: Hanhalsgården, Kungsbacka
Date: Sep 24; 2022
Time: Sat 2pm - 6pm (incl 15 min break)
Early Bird Price (if we have your payment before Aug 1): 650 SEK
Standard Price: 850 SEK
Max students: 10
Venue: Hanhalsgården, Kungsbacka
Date: Oct 22; 2022
Time: Sat 2pm - 6pm (incl 15 min break)
Early Bird Price (if we have your payment before Sep 1): 650 SEK
Standard Price: 850 SEK
Max students: 10
Venue: Hanhalsgården, Kungsbacka
Date: Dec 3; 2022
Time: Sat 2pm - 6pm (incl 15 min break)
Early Bird Price (if we have your payment before Oct 31): 650 SEK
Standard Price: 850 SEK
Max students: 10
* 2 spots available *
Send us an email for your booking
Important terms:
Our insurance does not cover clients, please make sure you have your own and tell us about injuries, pregnancy and other health conditions.
Cancellation policy for workshops & classes:
For us to keep our very low course fees, your workshop payment is 100% non-refundable under any circumstances. We are unable to grant extensions or refunds due to any circumstances. Classes and workshops purchased cannot be transferred between persons.


If you are a group of dedicated yogis who want to really advance your practice or are you a group of friends who want to learn the basics of a safe and healthy yoga practice, you are welcome to book a workshop on demand. I create a workshop just for you, advanced or at beginner's level. The prices below are not for business settings. Email me if you want corporate yoga for your event or conference.

Price 1-6 people: 4,5hrs cost 5 000 SEK incl VAT

Price 7-12 people: 4,5 hrs cost 7 500 SEK incl VAT

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