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A talk by Camilla is a wonderful way to invigorate and give your employees a boost of energy and inspiration. If you want to combine a talk with a yoga workshop, we will prepare a nice workshop especially suited to the needs of your employees or event. You will find more topics and workshops for your event on our other website:

Every client is special for us, so if you don't find what you are looking for, please let us know your requests and we'll create something exquisite especially for your event

Since 1998, Camilla Uddgren has travelled worldwide to inspire, motivate and empower people as an inspirational and motivational speaker. She has a great ability to combine practical advice, stories and humour to create engaging programs and talks that motivate the audience to make their dreams alive and live their way to the Good Life. Her sense of humour and use of real-life examples from her own experiences deeply touches the listeners and brings them an uplifting rhapsody of the gifts of life and the value of dreaming, caring and loving. 


Her enlightening words invigorates and energises people to get more meaningful lives, reduce their levels of stress and turn anxiety into a more relaxed, fun, healthy and successful life. For the kick-off or greater convent, she creates events and shows with musicians and singers, that combine laughter with tears, humour with the deepest questions of life...

Camilla will teach you what life has taught her. She has a wonderful ability to combine practical advice, anecdotes, humour and tap dance to create an invigorating atmosphere for her audience. You will be uplifted, fascinated and touched as she tells you about her life experience.


As a speaker, Camilla Uddgren spreads inspiring, spontaneous and memorable messages on how to overcome challenges and create the life that you dream of, appeals to a wide-range audience. By her tap dance and music, she and her musician, give that little extra dynamic to her talk. 

Camilla creates a talk or an event to suit the needs, the setting and the audience for every occasion. She brings to every event she conducts a wealth of knowledge, a broad educational background and a great experience from working with organizations, local and central governments, different industries and companies as well as open seminars and open convents.

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