This event will combine an inspirational talk with Camilla Uddgren, internationally known speaker and musician Daniel Andersson with music by the famous guitarist Robert "Robi" Swärd and flamenco dancer Ann Sehlstedt as our celebrity guests.


The inspirational talk by Camilla will evolve around life, happiness, presence, relationships and wellbeing based on her newly released biography. Abused as a child, severly sick as a teenager; she managed to fight herself through darkness to light. Today she travels and share her story and her life guidelines for a more authentic and present life with a zest for everything that gives you a sense of truly living. She also works as a therapist and yoga teacher. Daniel Andersson often join as her musician to create a dynamic event with music and tap dance for an emotionally strong event.


Our guests this evening are two internationally renowned flamenco artists- guitarist Robert "Robi" Svärd and dancer Ann Sehlstedt, "La Pantera" (presentation below)

During the evening you are able to get your personally signed book, Camilla's biography "När stjärnor tänds i natten" for a nice discount (200 SEK insted of normal price 239 SEK)

The show will also be sent through zoom if you are unable to come. We will also send a link to view the whole show afterwards. These options are only available for those with a valid ticket.

Time: 6.15pm - 9pm
Price: 300 SEK
Place: Redbergskyrkan, Gothenburg
Book and pay here:

With the release of his debut album Pa´ki Pa´ka, Robert ”Robi” Svärd struck a chordwith the international flamenco community. It was voted one of the 10 best releasesworldwide in 2016 by esteemed magazine Songlines UK. Incredibly, his follow upalbum Alquimia (2018) earned a place on this prestigious list as well. As a youngguitarist living in Australia, he was frequently seen on the international competitioncirquit, and quickly became a popular player, frequently seen and heard onnumerous TV and radio shows, as well as giving countless recitals across thecountry including several performances at the Sydney Opera House. Whilst residingin Spain he was quickly recognised for his skills and musicianship and regurlarlyperformed with many of the great artists of Sevilla. Today he travels worldwidespreading his music and is a highly sought after recording artist appearing on manyof the latest releases coming out of Spain. 


Ann Sehlstedt, “La Pantera”, is a internationally renowned flamenco dancer andchoreographer known for her passionate and expressive presence on stage. Herlyrical and musical approach to choreography is quite unique, and sets her apartfrom many of her contemporaries, displaying her deep knowledge and understandingof the music itself as well as the language of flamenco, earning her the respect of herSpanish maestros. Ann is frequently seen performing with some of the great artists ofSpain, nationally as well as internationally. Off stage she is a highly sought after andpopular teacher pouring her heart and soul into her academy Centro de Flamenco LaPantera. She has throughout the years been recognised with numerous prizes andawards, but claiming a prize with Cia. Kaari Martin at the highly prestigiousinternational choreography competition- Certamen de Madrid, really is somethingquite extraordinary.