Everyone is welcome to my classes, both the yogi who only have been practicing yoga for just one term and the advanced student. I adjust the asanas for your level and your physical needs. I focus a lot on technique, strength and the modern science of movement so your body can thrive through the class. I always recommend that you attend one or two workshops during the term.

Be ready to smile, sweat, learn, be empowered and let go for a few hours!

I rent several studios in Gothenburg and Kungsbacka where I offer small group yoga classes. Join me for the following exclusive classes and enhance your yoga practice.














 I offer online classes plus exclusive classes on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. This is a small group yoga class with only a few students which will enable you to have more private tuition than during an ordinary yoga class.
I build my yoga on the newest research in biomechanics and physiotherapy thus enabling us to work with the asanas to get strong and healthy bodies. Focusing on a body-mind awareness makes you more aware of your body and creates healing and stability, a feeling of power within on both a physical and emotional level.
Every class will be different and focusing on different themes each time to create paths to self awareness. Laughter is a key word in my teachings and
as I believe yoga is a relief in a harsh world, an empowering tool in a sometimes difficult life, we will focus on having fun and explore during these classes. With just a few students per class you get the focus you need to truly understand how your body works and allows me to adjust the asanas for your needs and make sure that you learn more about yoga wherever you are in your development whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi.
You need to know this before you join my class:
I never reuse a class. Every week I create a new class for what I know my small groups need in terms of strength, focus and mind/body awareness. I work many hours with every class I create to make it a perfect fit for the yogis. To create a class is to create a symphony; everything needs to be done in a special order and with focus on the details.
I have high standards and will adjust and teach you how to do the little details properly for your safety. I make hands-on adjustments while I teach.
I will adjust the asanas for you if you have pain, but I need you to tell me a few days in advance (unless the injury/pain came up the same day) for me so I have time to think through the sequence for you so you get what you need from the class. 
I will challenge you but not more than I see that you are ready for. Therefore different students might get different challenges.
We don't do any airy-fairy yoga. We let our souls rejoice as we drill our bodies to be healthy, safe and resilient and our minds to be focused and relaxed even in challenges. That is: we prepare ourselves for life. What we learn on the mat will help us cope with whatever meet us outside the mat.
There is no moment to collapse, not a second to be unaware during my classes. Yoga is about being present and conscious in every moment; a unity between mind, body and soul. You need to be prepared to focus, to breathe, sometime to be emotional and most often to get some sore muscles. And the most important lesson to be used both in the yoga class and off the mat: allow yourself to laugh..!
Marathon Yoga Classes
August 28, 2022
Venue: Hanhalsgården, Kungsbacka
Time: 9am -1pm
Early bird price until midsummer 2022: 450 SEK
Price after June 26: 600 SEK
October 2, 2022
Venue: Hanhalsgården, Kungsbacka
Time: 9am -1pm
Early bird price until August 15: 450 SEK
Price after August 15: 600 SEK
Price for both marathon yoga classes if paid before August 15: 800 SEK

Early Summer Term 2022

The early summer term's sequences have two parts:

Part 1: Strength and focus

Part 2: TFL to your body and mind with YOGA CLASS GOTHENBURG

Understand your muscles and your mind - explore your unique power inside for a more conscious and present life!
Duration: 90 min
Price:  1 400 SEK
Time: 6pm-7.30pm
Dates: May 4 - June 8 (6 weeks)
Max students: 12
​Levels: All levels
Studio: Musikens hus Majorna; Djurgårdsgatan 13
Important: Bring your own yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, 1 yoga strap and 2 blankets.
Book and pay your class by sending us an email:
Understand your muscles and your mind - explore your unique power inside for a more conscious and present life!
Duration: 90 min
Price: 1 400 SEK
Time: Saturdays 9-10.30
Dates: April 30 - June 4 (6 weeks)
Students: max 9
​Level: All levels
Studio: Hanhalsgården, Kungsbacka
Important: Bring your own yoga mat, 2 yoga blocks, 1 yoga strap, 2 tennis balls and 2 blankets.
Book and pay your class by sending us a
Please note:
(Our insurance does not cover clients, please make sure you have your own and note that you have full responsibility of your own body).
If you'd like to join us online, you have access to both classes for 1 000 SEK (12 classes). We use Teams.
A drop in ticket costs 300 SEK and is an option if there are available spots.
All students are welcome to join any class online or live if you have missed a class



Read this before you start your yoga term with me
* If you missed the bus, talked too long with your cat at breakfast or just forgot about time... These things happen, you are welcome late anyway. Just enter as peacefully in mind and emotions as you possibly can. Breathe...
* Shower before class as a cortesy for your fellow yogis and as part of preparing for your yogic experience (or at least make sure you have showered during the same day) and use washed clothes, not the ones you used last session.
* Leave your shoes outside the door, even your clean and beautiful yogi sandals that you want to show off.
* Wait to enter the yoga studio until the door opens. If the door is closed, I probably have another class or a client who needs their space. Take a few breathes, drink your home made smoothie I am sure you have brought to class as a true yogi and be sure the door will open in time for you to land on your mat and join the pranayama. 
* Let me know about any physical issues before class, prefarably a few days in advance if you have injured yourself etc so I can adjust the sequence for you. If not, be sure to be adjusted anyway on the spot.
* Be positive and if not positive, at least neutral. Your energy effects the other in the class and in that way the whole yogic experience. Put a pretty smile on your face and think of something you would rather do, if it's not this day's yoga class.
* If an asana or a session doesn't suit you at a first glance, try to be open minded as the class is made for your benefit. If something hurts, let me know AND if you think of yourself as an intermediate or even advanced yogi, try to adjust and see what you can do with the cues you have been given to ease it up. Take responsibility for your own body and adjust accordingly. Be curious re your own body and what messages it gives you as you move. We are all investigators re our own bodies  - and what a thrill to have started this life long journey of learning and experiencing!
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