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Welcome to the Island of Gods -

the trip of your dreams!

Winter Intensive

Feb 12 - Feb 16

*** NEW ***


Easter Yoga Intensive

March 28 - April 4 2024

*** FULLY BOOKED!!! ***

During 2 yoga intensives I welcome a small group of participants who want to focus on their yoga practice and are comfortable planning their own trip re flights and accommodation.

If you are a yogi who wants exclusive training, but wants to take care of yourself between sessions (maybe share dinner or an evening event), choose your own food, your own accommodation and focus more on enhancing your yoga practice than going with a group to see temples and rice fields and eat food you have not chosen yourself, this is your retreat.
You need to have at least one year of yoga experience and I need you to be curious and focused on learning more either for your own practice or to teach.
This retreat offers you yoga workshops twice daily with focus on yogis of all levels. You will get 4.5 hrs of deeply individual yoga coaching per day in a small group of max 6 yogis. We start immediately at 7.30am and end our last session at 6pm on the last day of our intensive. This makes a total of 36 hrs of focused yoga practice during 5 days. I recommend that you take a few days before and after the retreat to see a bit more of Bali and/or the Gili islands. You might also need a few days to recover from jetlag and learn your way around.
I will be your guide book
During this yoga retreat you take care of your own flight. I will help you choose a flight if you need advice. Most accommodations offer airport transfer, but you will need to book this in advance since Ubud lies 45 min in low traffic and several hours on a very busy day. Best is to arrive at the airport during the evening/midnight or between 10am to 2pm. Most accommodations allow a late check in.
You will also book your own room although I will give you advice on which hotel/homestay that will suit your needs since I am well acquainted with the hotels around.
No meals are included in this retreat, but I will be your guide and show you the best, most safe (to avoid Bali belly), loveliest places to eat. Bali offers so much clean, healthy and delicious green food, but can also accommodate the meat-lover.
Ubud - My place in Bali
Ubud is a dream. It lies in the mountains, surrounded by rice fields and is the mecca of hindu temples, New Age seekers and yogis. Maybe you remember the film "Eat, Pray, Love"... this is where you will be.
Ubud is not close to the beach (45 min by car), and to be honest, most beaches are dirty and not worth seeing in Bali. You might want to have a few extra days and go to the Gili islands off the coast to experience Paradise. But in Bali, Ubud is the place to stay.
The main roads in the small town of Ubud are heavily trafficked by motorbikes, but as you enter the places I will show you, the beauty and peace is astonishing. The fauna is also great with monkeys, butterflies and birds all around. Since this is a tropical jungle, you will need your mosquito repellent both night and day, especially if you go to evening meditations/sound healing. I can teach you how I do a very effective natural mosquito repellent that also smells lovely.
I fell in love with this island 10 years ago and I have returned to spend two months here every year. If you want, I can give you plenty of advice on how to fill your days in the secret beautiful spots of Ubud and its surroundings, but you are free during this trip to stroll around (or take a taxi bike) and find them for yourself. There will be plenty of time to take a day trip to the different astonishing temples, rice fields etc around or go to the beach if this is your cup of tea.
Inside Ubud, there are New Age venues everywhere that offer more or less authentic events. I can give you advice if you want to experience something special, if you'd like more yoga, meditation or any other practice, healing etc during these days.
There are plenty of massage centres around (perfect for a sore yoga body) and they range from super budget to high class. I recommend that you take a massage every day! The night life is less abundant since this is a place of yoga, reflection and spiritual seeking, but there are some pubs that are open until midnight. Make sure to be fresh and awake at 7.30 in the morning though! If you are into ecstatic dance or sound healing under the night sky with lots and lots of like-minded people, I will show you where to go. There is also an ecstatic dance mid Sunday that is very popular.
What will I get for my money?
A very thorough individual yoga coaching session twice daily in a small group of max 6 yogis where I will have prepared sessions aligned with your special needs and wishes beforehand. This will be 4.5 hours of personal training in a small group per day with focus on You. This will be a total of 36 hours exclusive tutorial. You need to have practiced yoga for at least one year  (or some other form of body awareness training like dance, gymnastics etc.) to be able to participate in this retreat.
Also, I advice you to practice yoga a few times a week the months before the retreat. The focus of my yoga is a strengthening, focused yoga and not yin so if yin is your passion, this is not the retreat for you. We will do some restorative yoga though, at the end of each afternoon session, but this is not our main focus of course.
It is advisable to join all yoga sessions during the retreat since they are more or less building upon each other in a series.
I will help you choose the best place to stay, the best restaurants, the best day trips etc and give advice on anything re your trip during and before your departure from Sweden.
We will have an online meeting so that you know all the important info re your journey including what to bring, how to book your flight and what kind of accommodation you might want to book etc.
If you are a free bird eager to learn a lot more and be guided in your practice, but still need your own space and time to breathe... this is the retreat for YOU!
There are only 6 spots per retreat!
Remember to book your flight and accommodation early!
Daily schedule:
7.30am-10am Morning workshop
4pm-6pm Afternoon workshop
Shared dinner and evening event a few days (optional, but not included)
I create the content of the workshops according to the wishes and needs of the group. Around a month before the retreat, I want you to write an email re your injuries, how you experience your practice at the time and your goals, needs and aim with the workshops.
After receiving everyone's wishes I create workshops based on these needs. I give very personal hands-on coaching, personal adjustments and focus a lot on the details, based on new scientific knowledge within the physiotherapeutic and biomechanical fields. Fun arm balances, handstands and headstands are of course part of this retreat's curriculum.
In the evening, you may go for a meditation/sound healing class, stroll around by yourself, take a massage or a healing session or buy yoga items, jewlery or clothes in one of the many small shops around Ubud.
Price for Winter Yoga Intensive:
7 000 SEK or 1 000 AUD
A lovely venue at the Yoga Barn, near Monkey Forest in Ubud. Bring your own yoga mat or buy one in Ubud. All other props are included.
4.5 hours yoga workshops per day with a small group of max 6 participants. The teachings will be in Swedish and/or English dependent on the participants.
I will be your guide during the whole trip regarding advice in everything. I am also your safety net and will be there if something goes wrong or you get sick. You may also book healing sessions or therapy sessions with me during the trip. I will help you choose accommodation, flight, day trips etc and can give you whatever information you need about Bali and your journey before you go.
Not included:
Day trips
Taxi to and from airport (is usually arranged by your accommodation and can be booked in advance for around 3-400 SEK one way)
Meals (breakfast is usually included in your accommodation)
Flights around 10-14 000 SEK (book early and make the booking preferably on a Thursday for best prices).
Accommodation range between 2-7000 SEK per week for a nice hotel/homestay with pool close to the venue. Make sure you book well in advance since it's Easter! Some of the hotels in Ubud are already fully booked!
Send an email with all your contact information to
After you have paid the invoice with your deposit, your spot is secured.
Terms & conditions:
Total cost: 11 000 SEK. A non refundable deposit of  3 500 SEK is required at registration to secure your place. 
Yogis from other countries: 1 900 AUD (with a deposit of 600 AUD) / 1 100 EUR (with a deposit of 400 EUR)
Terms & conditions
A purchased place cannot be transferred between persons unless there are certain circumstances where you have to cancel and a friend or loved one can take your place. I will not sell or transfer this for you.

·      Withdrawal before or during the retreat, no refunds will be given under any circumstances unless you have a medical certificate. The deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances!
If you cancel due to severe illness, you will get a full refund if you cancel 2 weeks prior to the trip (with a medical certificate) minus the deposit. Later than 2 weeks before the trip you'll get a 50% refund (minus the deposit) with a medical certificate ensuring you are unable to travel. Without a medical certificate specifically ensuring that you are unable to travel the dates of the retreat, no refund will be given. No refund will be given under any other circumstances than severe illness with a medical certificate.
If I, the yoga teacher, gets seriously ill in a way that makes me unable to travel, you will get a full refund (including your deposit) within 2 weeks of the cancellation.
Remember: you need your own insurances!
DAY 1-5
DAY 1-5
DAY 1-5
DAY 1-5
DAY 1-5
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