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Welcome to the Island of Gods -

the trip of your dreams!

Oct 6 - Oct 14 2021

Welcome to an exclusive 9 days yoga retreat where you will explore the "real" and authentic Bali while gaining deep insights from the Balinese themselves into a way of living and thinking that might change your life forever.
We also explore Bali during day trips and tap back into a deep connection with your inner world by waterfall visits, temple ceremonies and exploration of all the beauty that Bali has to offer. As a group of only 5, you will get the exclusivity of having private tutorials during yoga classes and evening workshops. The retreat is open to all levels; beginners and advanced yoga teachers alike and you will get just what You need for your yoga practice by lots of individual tutorial during the workshops.
DAY 1-9
The retreat is divided in two. First we will enjoy 5 days in Ubud where we will stay with a Balinese family and take part in their daily blessings and ceremonies. You will get deep insights in the real Balinese religious and cultural life far away from the New Age view of Hinduism and superficial platitudes. The warm atmosphere and lovely personalities of this family will give you memories you will never forget and friends for life. For Balinese people, every day is sacred and they perform their ceremonies and daily blessings with deep grace and gratitude. They will share and let us take part in these ceremonial acts as much as we like and hopefully we can bring home some of their happiness and gratitude to our life at home.
Wayan has a magnificent big pool, staff keeping your room clean every day and she serves you a lovely breakfast every morning. You can order anything you like and they will always do their best to create a lovely experience for you with great care and love. The family are always there for you, greeting you with insights and a smile. You have your own bedroom with a queen size bed and private bathroom.We will do our yoga in their amazing and palace like veranda (see pictures) with ornaments and gold coloured roof.
The first day begins with a blessing ceremony performed by our host Wayan. We will also create a Mandala of flowers together to mark the beginning of our journey together. After this we will do our afternoon yoga while Wayan prepare our dinner made of traditional Balinese dishes. While eating with Wayan and her family we will learn a lot about Balinese way of life and their view of Life, other people and how to create a happy life. For me this is way more interesting than any New Age perspective of Life.
After an evening swim or a shower you can take a stroll in Ubud, chill or maybe go to bed.
Next morning, and every morning after that, we begin the day by doing meditation and yoga for 2 hours before breakfast. Tea is of course available 24/7. After our class, Wayan will make us breakfast by the pool.
After breakfast and a swim in the pool, we will some days do a day trip to the waterfalls, the temples or go to the sea for some snorkeling. Some days you will have your own time to just stay by the pool, read a book, have a lovely massage or pedicure in one of Ubud's many spas or maybe rent a taxi and go for a day trip on your own. You can also rent a scooter for the week by our host (you’ll need an international driving license).
We will also take part as much us we desire in the family's religious ceremonies.
At 4pm we will meet again for our 2-2,5hrs yoga workshop where we each day have a special theme (inversions, back bends, arm balances etc) and you can feel safe in that I will adjust everything so it will suit everyone. I will give each student the exact level of challenge I see they can handle and there will always be some soft variations if you feel like having more of a peaceful day. The feeling of the workshop will be JOY and PLAY though and we will laugh, try and play around in a relaxed environment. The workshop will end with some relaxed restorative yoga and meditation One day, we will go to the Yoga Barn in Ubud and enjoy a vinyasa flow for another teacher I know will give you a special experience.
After the class and an evening swim, we will go out together to one of my favorite restaurants (that I know is safe re Bali belly) and one evening we will also join one of Yoga Barn’s famous evening events (Gong Bath meditation, Singing Bowl meditation). Ubud by night closes early but before 9pm it is buzzing by hippies, yogis and artists walking down the narrow streets or enjoying one of the many coffee shops and warungs (local restaurant). If you love massages and pedicures, there are spa's in every corner and for every budget (mid budget is around 100 SEK for 1hr). The temples are plentiful and some of them gives enchanting cultural performances if you are interested (around 60 SEK).
This part of the retreat gives you a more authentic feeling of Bali than any touristy hotel or New Age inspired retreat would give you. The Monkey Forest is close by and so is all the amazing restaurants with the clean organic and healthy food that Ubud offers. The market and Palace are also nearby and you find temples and artists in every corner and, if you want, shopping (yoga clothes, art work, jewelry etc).
The last night we will eat a farewell dinner (included in the price) and chill out as long as we can stay awake.
The following morning we will have our last meditation/yoga session and a farewell ceremony before we take our last swim in the pool and hug each other good bye. If you want to extend your journey to other parts of Bali I am happy to give you thorough advice as I know this place as my second home. 
About Empowerment Yoga
The Empowerment Yoga class is partly a physically challenging class, encouraging you to focus on your breath, on stillness in mind and creating an easy and conscious mind as your body moves. Every class is different as it has a certain theme, where we can focus on flow in mind and body, stillness and strength or understanding something about ourselves that goes beyond the body awareness. I love to work with small groups since it gives me a chance to adjust the class, thoroughly look at the students and create something that gives the Individual in That group the exact challenge they need. When I discover a weakness somewhere, we work especially on that. My driving force is to see people grow and because of that, I challenge them in a way that I feel will make them see themselves in a new light and try something new, thus developing in mind, body and soul. This is my focus in both yoga and therapy.
The Balinese home
Our home during these first days is a newly renovated lovely family hotel with 10 rooms where I have rented the whole complex so we will have the whole place for ourselves. All rooms have a queen size bed, fan and AC plus of course your own bathroom. There is a nice garden, a big lovely pool and sunbeds with umbrellas and a common area where you can sit and read or do some more yoga. The family has a special family member, Brownie, their small dog. The place is 3 min walk from the grocery store, from Yoga Barn and 15 min walk from the market and the Royal Palace. Monkey Forest is down the street and is well worth a visit. All around are restaurants, cafés, spas and everything you need to be a "yogi" (clothes, props etc) plus of course lots of design shops and artist selling their paintings. Hot and cold drinking water is always available and Wayan is happy to make a smoothie or a second meal if you want to eat by the pool and not go out. Remember though that this is a family hotel so you are living in the middle of their family life with friends and family coming over at times. Also respect the silence when they perform their daily ceremonies and blessings. You will feel like part of their family and you will experience Bali in its core.
​​​​Daily schedule
7.30-9.30am Yoga and meditation
9.30-10.30am Breakfast by the pool
10.30-4 pm Day trip or free time
4pm-6pm Workshop*
6pm - Dinner in Ubud**
*One day we will enjoy a vinyasa class (90min) at the Yoga Barn  (included)
**One night we will enjoy an evening event at the Yoga Barn (included) and have dinner at the Yoga Barn café. On the first day we will have our dinner at the local restaurant near the villa (included).
Day Tours
During these 9 days we will go for 2 lovely day trips. Places we'll go will be a bit dependent on the weather. Near Ubud are several hikes if you want to go by yourself during your free time. Or you can come running with me in the early mornings to see the sunrise over the jungle.
Day tour 1
The highlight of this day will be a visit to the Holy Springs of Tirta Empul, the Holy Water Temple. For over a thousand years, Balinese Hindu worshipers have been drawn to Pura Tirta Empul (Holy Water Temple), whose sacred springs are said to have been created by The God Indra and possess curative properties. This tradition still continues almost unchanged, and today, aside from worshipers, tourists from all over the world also come to this place to marvel at its beauty, and bathe in its refreshing blessed water. Bring your bathing suite!
​​Another of my favorite spots is the Goa Gajah Temple. 
Goa Gajah also known as Elephant Cave Temple is a historically significant archaeological site and amazing with its stunning nature and peaceful atmosphere. Here we can stay for a while and explore the tranquil energies and the amazing beauty.
The Elephant Cave Temple of Goa Gajah dates as far back as the 11th century. Built on a hillside where two streams met to form a river junction, the site was deemed sacred and the temple was built for prayer and enclosed meditation.
At the southern end are beautiful rice fields and small streams that lead to the Petanu River – another natural site entwined in local legends.
The northern side of the temple complex is dominated by Buddhist culture while across the river in the south is predominantly Shivaite.
Those with a keen eye will be able to spot a number of indentations which are a testament to the places where priests once sat to meditate.
Of course we will also visit the famous Tegalalang Rice Terrace. This majestic scenic view is well known around the world. If you have enough strength in your legs after all yoga, the walk up and down the terrace is well worth it's challenge.
Day tour 2
On this day, if the weather allows, we will head down to one of my favorite beaches; a secluded beach few tourists know about. The soothing scenery, the warm water and the nice breeze will calm your mind. You may also snorkel from this beach or have a relaxing massage. Imagine yourself sipping an ice tea while viewing  the horizon with it's remembrance of the Universe's many opportunities opening up to you...
On our way back we will visit one of the many waterfalls in Bali. You might want to take a swim or just take some photos of the lush beauty with the waterfall in the background.
You need to be aware though that even though it is a small island and we travel short distances, traffic during certain hours, especially if we get caught up in a religious ceremony, can create lots of extra time in the car. During these two days, times on the schedule is approximate and we must be flexible re dinner and yoga time. Our driver will of course make everything in his power to get us around and back in time for our yoga workshop and dinner while we remember that we are in Asia and not in Sweden ;)
Retreat inclusions
* Private bedroom with queen bed and en suit bathroom
* Daily full breakfast
* Daily cleaning of the room
* Two dinners
* All entrance fees during our two day trips
* Taxi to Ubud and return after the afternoon workshop in the evening
* Two day trips to the waterfalls, temples, the beach etc
* Airport transfer
* One yoga class at the Yoga Barn
* One evening event at the Yoga Barn
Not included
* Flight (around 6-9 000 SEK from Sweden)
* Tips (recommended to give the tour guide, cleaner and chef - around 20 SEK per person and day)
* Optional day trips and tours you take by yourself
* Lunch and dinners (2 dinners are included)
* Extra yoga classes at the Yoga Barn (besides the class and evening event that are included in the price)
* Yoga mat. You need to bring your own mat plus one yoga block and one yoga strap.
Total cost: 18 000 SEK. A non refundable deposit of  9 000 SEK is required at registration to secure your place.  Notice: Early Bird price is only available with upfront payments of
9 000 SEK to secure your place.
Yogis from other countries: 3 500 AUD (with a deposit of 1 600 AUD) / 1 850 EUR (with a deposit of 950 EUR)
Terms & conditions
A purchased place cannot be transferred between persons unless there are certain circumstances where you have to cancel and a friend or loved one can take your place. This must be discussed and agreed upon with us first.

·      Withdrawal before or during the retreat, no refunds will be given under any circumstances unless you have a medical certificate. If you cancel due to severe illness, you will get a full refund if you cancel 2 weeks prior to the trip (with a medical certificate). Later than 2 weeks before the trip you'll get a 25% refund with a medical certificate ensuring you are unable to travel. Without a medical certificate specifically ensuring that you are unable to travel the dates of the retreat, no refund will be given. No refund will be given under any other circumstances than severe illness with a medical certificate.
You are not allowed to sell your place through social media or any other public channel like Blocket.
You need to be 16 years or older to follow me on this trip.
You need your own insurance in case something happens to you!
DAY 1-5
DAY 1-5
DAY 1-5
DAY 1-5
DAY 1-5
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